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        Pho-Stuffed Pies Are Just One Of The Crazy Inventions At This Food Festival

        Pho-Stuffed Pies Are Just One Of The Crazy Inventions At This Food Festival

        As a key part to the flourishing and Instagram-friendly food scene in Orange County, Costa Mesa is home to a plethora of unique, creative, and delicious restaurants. Nearly every one of them will be putting their best eats and drinks on display for a single weekend.

        On October 19-21st, the Los Angeles Times and Travel Costa Mesa will host The Taste Costa Mesa, where the city’s top restaurants all gather together for a massive foodie experience. Hosted at The MET in Costa Mesa, there will be live cooking demos from big-name chefs, entertainment, and unlimited tastings to all of the food on offer.

        Everybody from the city’s hottest and newest spots to names established in Costa Mesa’s dining scene will be present. This includes Toast Kitchen & Bakery, a new kid on the block whose innovative pot pie menu has got the streets buzzing. Be sure to look out for their Pho Pot Pie, which is stuffed to the brim with noodles.

        Other featured spots include Pie Not, an Australian-style pie shop that brings both savory and sweet versions to the table. Their meaty mini pies are one of the must-try items when stopping by.

        Tons of other popular restaurants from around Costa Mesa will be at this foodie-centric festival. From poi malasadas from Fill to figs and burrata from Social Kitchen & Craft Bar, you can expect everything you bite into to be innovative, Instagrammable, and delicious.

        Tickets are available for each day of The Taste on the festival’s website. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all feature different restaurants, so check out the lineups to make sure you get to try the spots you want to.

        Created in partnership with Travel Costa Mesa.

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