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This MOUNTAIN-SIZED Pizza Comes With Over TWO HUNDRED Pepperonis


Pepperoni, despite being one of the most popular pizza toppings in the world, is a tricky beast. The right pepperoni needs to be crunchy but not burnt, zesty but not greasy, and have a precise circumference that allows for the appropriate amount of pepperonis on the pizza. Mountain Mike’s is well aware of this pepperoni conundrum, and appears to have the equation solved with their mountain-sized pepperoni pizza.

This beast of a pie comes with over 200 mini pepperonis that, due to their natural casing, curl up, giving the edges a perfect crisp and distinct look.

And what else is mountain-sized about this pizza, exactly? 

Well, how about everything.

The other immediately apparent feature is the size of the pie. Spanning 20 inches, this pizza is big enough to feed even the largest of appetites. In comparison to other top 25 pizza brands, the next largest pizza being sold comes up a whole 2 inches shorter than Mountain Mike’s pizza. 

Since it is impressively large, so too are the slices. All 20 of them extend to the that you’re well satisfied with one. And, with such long slices comes the ever so crucial cheese pull,, which will be no problem to capture considering each pizza comes with over a pound of cheese on it. 

You can get this massive ‘za at any Mountain Mike’s on any day. But, on September 20th, in honor of National Pepperoni Pizza Day, it can be had for $5 cheaper than usual with the code 624368. They’ll also be running a special for $3 off any Large size pizza on the same day with the code 889573. 

So be sure to get a mountain-sized pizza on the 20th for you, your family, your extended family, your significant other’s extended family — whoever! It can definitely feed all of them.

Created in partnership with Mountain Mike's Pizza. 

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